The Dubai Property Market in 2022

Now that we’re in a new year, your attention has probably turned to what’s next for your investment portfolio, especially when it comes to tangible investments such as property.

For some of you reading, you might actually be looking to make your first big investment in property altogether, or looking to build on the success you’ve had in the UK buy-to-let market. Either way, putting your money in something that will give you a healthy return both now and in the long run will be at the top of your agenda. 

With so many choices at your disposal, it’s good to explore the full range of options that are available to you, and this includes property located abroad. With its palm tree laden streets, incredible weather not to mention high rental yields, Dubai is commanding more attention than ever before for investors and for several reasons. 

For anyone considering investing in the Dubai property market, here is how the city is shaping up in 2022 so that you can make an informed decision for your investment portfolio. 

Dubai Has One Of The Highest Yields Of Any Global City

A good place to start when considering the Dubai property market in 2022 is to look at where we left it in 2021. 

After all, it’s always wise to study the data to identify trends before considering putting your money into any kind of investment. 

You may have caught our recent blog post ‘Return On Investment – How Does Dubai Compare Against Other Major Global Cities?’. Spoiler alert, with an average yield of 9.19%, Dubai scored higher than locations such as London (7.89%) and New York (4.48%), making it the best city in the world for rental yields in 2021! 

As we’re now in 2022, there is no indication these yields will slow down anytime soon. Furthermore, Dubai has incredibly low entry points yet high yield potential. If that wasn’t enough, the building specification of Dubai property reflects everything that expats have come to expect of the so-called ‘jewel of the Middle East’, meaning you can secure a property in a strategic location that has been finished to an exceptional standard, for far less than you’d pay in the UK, especially in London. 

This means Dubai is far more accessible to investors of all calibres, as the capital you’ll need to get started is much smaller, especially when comparing the same level of specification in terms of location and build quality in the UK. 

‘Foreign Demand Pushing Up Dubai Property Prices’ – Reuters 

Property prices in Dubai are expected to rise at twice the expected rate during the coming year. 

That’s according to an article published at the tail end of 2021 by Reuters, which details the explosive demand for property in the city and the effect this will ultimately have on the cost of purchasing a home. 

What this means for investors is that when you come to sell your property down the line, there’s a lot to be optimistic about. As an example, Dubai property prices were only expected to rise 2.5% by the start of 2022 due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic. Prices actually rose by 5%, and are expected to rise another 5% by 2023. 

UAE Government Initiatives Further Heating Up The Dubai Property Market

Another avenue to explore is the political scene of any city you are looking to invest in, and Dubai is no exception.

In recent times, the UAE has relaxed many rules surrounding everything from the consumption of alcohol to personal relationships. While such news may seem insignificant, it’s actually crucial for investors to consider, as many of the rules that have been relaxed will undoubtedly make Dubai an even more attractive place to live and work, including for those who previously would have been hesitant to live in or even visit the city. 

Further updates that have seen the government create a robust vaccination programme alongside economic reforms are also tipped to drive Dubai property prices up in 2022 and beyond. 

There are always going to be world events that shake the market, so it’s definitely a promising sign when a country demonstrates economic resilience. Add in the easing of previously controversial laws and restrictions, and it’s clear the Dubai property market continues to position itself as an increasingly attractive option for investors. 

Why Should You Consider Dubai In 2022?: Top Points To Consider

  • Dubai offers some of the highest rental yields of any city in the world
  • High rental yields paired against low entry points
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Easy to secure property in an excellent location
  • Wide range of investor visas available (read more: ‘How To Get An Investor Visa In The UAE’)
  • The city has an incredible range of work opportunities and attractions
  • Rising property prices are a great sign for long term investments 
  • Relaxing of rules is set to attract more people than ever to the city 

Dubai Property Investment – Prices Starting At Just £128,000

The future certainly looks bright for the Dubai property market and 2022 is no exception. With extremely positive data trends and more still to come, now is a great time to secure your slice of the pie by purchasing an investment property in the city.

Best of all? You don’t have to pay anywhere near the UK property price average of ​​£268,349 to get in on the action! Thirlmere Deacon is a property investment company with offices in London and Dubai. 

We have a selection of exceptional apartments available at The Peninsula development in Business Bay Dubai starting from just £128,000 offering a projected yield of 8%. Positioned in a central location in the heart of Dubai, our waterfront apartments have been finished to an exquisite level of detail factoring in both initial rental potential and long term value for your investment satisfaction. 

If you’d like any further advice on anything we’ve mentioned above, or if you are considering investing in one of our Dubai opportunities, please drop us a message or call us on +44 (0) 203 9507939.

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