Investment Property Market Report UK Q3 2022

Investment property market report

In our latest investment property market report we highlight what is going on in the UK property market at the end of Q3 2022. Over the past few months the UK has experienced seismic changes, many not seen for a generation. Whilst it has been a turbulent period for the United Kingdom with changes in […]

Q2 Dubai Market Report 2022


In this article, we review the local property market and analyse the key stats in this Q2 Dubai Market Report and share the outlook for the months ahead. While there are many aspects that as a property investor you may weigh up when looking to purchase in a particular location, how the market is performing […]

Q2 UK Market Report 2022

London aerial

Thinking of investing in property in 2022? Read our Q2 UK Market Report to learn more about the current trends and the outlook for the coming months. The UK property market is in a period of transition, whilst the demand for property to buy or rent remains sky-high, there is an air of caution creeping […]

UK Rental Property Shortage Explained 

Rental apartment UK

The UK rental property shortage is currently very evident, in this blog we explore why there is such a notable lack of property available for rent across the country and what it means for investors. Anyone who enjoys a good property search online will have noticed a growing trend, in that at present, there are […]