Why Is The UK An Attractive Place To Invest?

There’s never been more choice when it comes to the types of property you can invest in, let alone the country where the property may be situated.  For any UK based investors, have you ever considered the perks of investing in a format you are familiar with? Clear information on your responsibilities as a landlord […]

How To Stay In The UAE For More Than 90 Days

Like many countries in the world, the UAE has strict visa requirements that tourists or those looking to stay in the country on a more permanent basis need to adhere to. The UAE happens to be one of our main investor locations here at Thirlmere Deacon, as we have an office out in Dubai. We’re […]

Questions To Ask When Buying An Investment Property

Questions To Ask When Buying An Investment Property Whether you’re looking to purchase your first ever investment property or your twentieth, it’s essential to understand what the process involves. After all, investors want to put their capital into an asset that will reward them not just in the immediate vicinity but in the long haul […]

How To Make Money From Property In The UK

How To Make Money From Property In The UK With the UK property market now thought to be worth £7.56trn, it’s understandable that investors both on a national and a global scale are interested in getting their slice of the pie.  Add to that the quality of the infrastructure here, more demand than supply generating […]

Best Advice For Buying A Rental Property

What’s the best advice for buying a rental property? In this article, we share our top tips for investing in UK rental property and the considerations to make before investing. Having years of experience sourcing opportunities, helping those buying their first investment property and overseeing the purchasing of units adding to growing portfolios, we’re often […]

10 Features That Tenants Look For In A Rental Property

If you’re looking to buy an investment property its worth understanding exactly what it is that will make a property more appealing so we’ve rounded up the 10 features that tenants look for in a rental property. Location When tenants are considering places to live their primary consideration is usually the location. Proximity to local […]

Why Is The North Of England Such A Good Place To Invest?

When an investor asks us where they should buy their next property, depending on their priorities it’s often the case that we’ll point them north, which leaves the question, why is the North of England such a good place to invest? As we see it, the North of England is the worst kept secret in […]

Property Investment Terms

There are several property investment terms and related real estate terminology that it can be useful to understand when you’re looking to buy an investment property in the UK. When you’re looking for a rental property you can suddenly become lost in a sea of industry terminology, here we share a simple breakdown of the […]

Off Plan Investment

We’re often asked about off plan investment, the merits of buying property at this early stage, what it means for the overall strategy and the types of returns investors can expect.   We’ve recently released a few developments across various cities in the North of England which are off plan properties so it seems a good […]

How To Calculate The Market Value Of A Property

When it comes to determining how to calculate the market value of a property there is often no one defined route to the correct figure.  There are hundreds of variables to consider and factors to include that have an impact on a property price that it can seem an overwhelming task, meaning homeowners will usually […]