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What happens to my investment property if I die?

An unpleasant subject yet one that is very important, especially to investors as in the event of death, without pre-planning a buy-to-let property or portfolio can become problematic for the intended beneficiaries. During the stages of planning for investment and process of purchasing, we’re often asked what happens to my investment property when I die? Below we highlight the steps to be taken to...

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What happens if the developer goes bust and I’ve already invested?

For many reasons off plan property makes an excellent investment, one of the key factors being the opportunity to achieve strong capital appreciation. Furthermore, early investors are often privy to favourable purchase prices and have access to the choice pickings of the units. But what happens if the developer goes bust after you’ve paid your deposit? This is a fair and reasonable concern,...

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Pros and cons of property investment after Brexit

It’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to a time when Brexit is no longer a word we frequently have to use, when we can make decisions and discuss the future without the B word cropping up, when the impending exit from the European Union isn’t hovering in the background making us wonder of its impact. Impact of the referendum Since the referendum in 2016 the UK property market has seen a slow...

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£600 Million Boost for Housing in High-Demand Areas

The UK property market continues to suffer a lack of supply of homes with demand, especially affordable homes, outstripping the supply of properties across the country. One element that prevents certain areas offering viable housing solutions is local infrastructure. The chancellor, Sajid Javid, recently announced £600 million of new investment to unlock the ability to build upwards of an additional...

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