Property Investment Questions

Thirlmere Deacon Q and A

Thrilmere Deacon Q and A #002

Our latest instalment of our Q and A sessions featured Oliver Mohsen-Taheri who heads up our Dubai operations.  Enjoy. :) Question... A 24 year old looking to invest for the first time in order to rent. I was looking for knowledge, tips, and experienced property developers and agents as I am inexperienced, 24 year old currently saving to buy a property in order to let. However, after reading on...

Property Investment Questions

Questions you need to ask your property consultant to make sure a property is right for you

Whether you’re taking steps towards becoming a property investor by buying your first rental property or you’re adding to your existing portfolio of properties, whatever the reason for buying a property for investment, it’s important to ensure that the particular property you’re considering is a good investment prospect and is well suited to your position and future plans. Quick...

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