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2020 Q2 Review and Q3 Preview

Our Review Of Q2 2020 Coronavirus or no Coronavirus I’m pleased to confirm that our Q2 plans were executed without a hitch. The TD team spent countless hours working on investment opportunities with clients in what we have dubbed “Satellite Cities and Tertiary Towns”. We have had major success in locations like Wolverhampton and Redditch. One of the widely felt effects of the current global...

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Q1 2020 Review and what’s coming up in Q2

Well as we close the doors on Q1 of 2020 we look back at an incredibly interesting quarter. The start of the quarter hailed a new beginning firmly seen in under a new invigorated Conservative government ready for anything after the Brexit debacle of the last few years. The Quarter has ended in a way I don’t think anyone would have foreseen, national (if not global) lockdown to stop the spread of a deadly...

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