With offices in both the UK and the UAE we regularly work with overseas and expatriate investors.

If you’re buying an investment property from overseas there will be a unique set of considerations:

It is key to ensure your investment holding is arranged as efficiently as possible, one route overseas buyers should consider when investing in UK property is to purchase within a UK based limited company.

Not only is it usually more effective from a tax perspective, establishing a Special Purpose Vehicle can also present greater options for overseas buyers seeking a mortgage. 

Focusing on the type of property that best suits an overseas investor, it’s prudent to select options that are as hands-off and low maintenance as possible.

For this reason, we strongly recommend modern rental investments where a good management company is in place who will handle any issues on an investor’s behalf.

Off plan investment, securing a property within a development during the construction phase can offer an overseas buyer all the benefits of capital appreciation in a property hotspot, without any hassle.

Tips for overseas investors

  1. Research the best locations to invest
  2. Consider the most suitable type of property for your circumstances
  3. Understand the tax implications and regulations for foreign investors
  4. Seek local expert advice and partner with trusted individuals or companies
  5. Diversify your investments to mitigate risk and increase the available opportunities
  6. Keep up-to-date with changes in laws and regulations that may affect your investments