Meet Our Birmingham Development Partner: Prosperity Wealth

We work only with development partners who meet the high standards we expect for our clients.

Introducing Prosperity Wealth

Prosperity Wealth have a long and impressive track record within the property industry and in particular building and delivering first-class property investment opportunities.

From large conversion projects to entire builds of new blocks, Prosperity Wealth have a long history creating homes for end-users and investors alike.

High quality developments

Innovatively designed, each development Prosperity Wealth undertakes is meticulously planned and made to have unique character.

The properties which Prosperity Wealth offer are renowned for their quality and seamless delivery. Making their mark, creating desirable residences that appeal greatly to investors globally.

Professionals seek a certain standard of home, to attract the best tenants a property must be of finished to a high quality. We are confident that the properties delivered by Prospect Wealth are of such a standard and will continue to attract tenants for many years to come.

Striving to maintain their exceptionally high levels of client satisfaction, Prosperity Wealth work tirelessly to ensure a smooth purchasing journey each and every time. With over half of purchasers returning to purchase another property within a Prosperity Wealth development within 2 years of their first purchase.

Focus on Birmingham

Birmingham is currently one of the UK’s most exciting investment prospects and is somewhere we currently believe offers our clients an excellent opportunity.

Based in Birmingham since 2007, Prosperity Wealth are at the heart of the local property industry.

As Birmingham continues to attract major investment and several key global businesses have set up in the region, there is no sign of growth slowing down, the demand for housing continues to outstrip supply.

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Exclusive access to their JQ Rise development

We are delighted to bring you access to JQ Rise in Birmingham. A modern, sophisticated development, JQ Rise is ideally located to attract the rapidly rising number of professionals, young couples and students keen to live and work in the area.

JQ Rise sits within walking distance to Birmingham’s key business and entertainment zones including the brand new HSBC headquarters, Barclaycard Arena, Brindley Place and the Jewellery Quarter.

To find out more get in touch with our team using the contact details below.

Rental property in Birmingham

If you’re interested in rental property in Birmingham we’d be delighted to discuss suitable opportunities with you. Talk to us about your plans to purchase an investment property, we’re available on +44 (0) 2039507939 or send us an email at

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