How to find out about up and coming property developments

As a property investor it’s important to ensure you are well informed on the property market, the most successful investors will often take an interest in learning about suitable opportunities in all locations.

Diversifying a portfolio to include property in both well-established areas and those that are yet to meet their full potential can be an excellent investment strategy.

Where to find information

Finding new build homes, those that are in the pipeline or those where the building is underway can be tricky. Once you’ve identified developments that might be of interest you then need to establish if they will present a good opportunity as an investment.

When looking for new developments, proposed, approved and those in the pipeline it can be difficult to decipher which are actually going ahead.

If you’re looking to find out what’s going on near to where you live or you might already own an investment property and want to know what’s going on nearby, the local council planning portal or a generic planning website might be of use.

When the reason that you’re searching for up and coming property developments in your area is for the purpose of property investment it might be useful to seek the advice of a property investment professional as not all developments are created equal.

Finding new builds in Manchester

An established investment location, Manchester has undergone considerable regeneration and improvements to infrastructure. The demand for property here continues to show no sign of slowing down. This requirement for housing presses on the local council and developers to build more.

Whilst Google will provide several suggestions when you type in ‘new developments near me’ if you want to go to the most authoritative body, the local council will be the best place to look and for the most part, they have dedicated pages for regeneration. Manchester City Council has one such page focusing on the city centre with detailed plans for development including maps and proposed buildings. In some cases, there are also dedicated sites which focus on the future of a city.

New developments in Liverpool

Liverpool’s city council has a dedicated website for regeneration in Liverpool that highlights the plans for different parts of the city and projects which are underway and those which are planned.

The section on Liverpool City Council’s website dedicated to regeneration also provides useful information regarding the plans for local infrastructure and the larger projects taking place.

Planned projects in Birmingham

Birmingham has a Big City Plan in place which is a masterplan for the city centre working towards transforming the area into a world-class city centre. Broken down by area Wikipedia provides a broad overview of the Big City Plan that might be easier to digest quickly.

Up and coming areas

Outside of London and away from some of the more established investment markets there are several up and coming locations that offer investors incredibly exciting opportunities.

As experienced investment consultants, we conduct thorough due diligence on all the opportunities that we put forward to our clients.

In 2020 there are several investment property hotspots that we would recommend any savvy investor to include on their list of places to investigate. Read our shortlist of property investment hotspots.

UK property investment specialists

A building’s location is only one element of its potential as an investment, there are many other factors to seriously consider in advance of committing to an off-plan purchase to ensure the greatest chances of investment success.

Thirlmere Deacon can offer access to the best investment opportunities across the UK. It might be the case that the development being built down the road doesn’t present the highest returns currently possible; we’d be delighted to explore options with you.

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