Friday News #0139 – Rounding up the week’s hottest topics and the latest news from tennis to private members clubs



At The Australian Open, The Drama Is – Finally – On The Tennis Court. One of the greatest tennis tournaments in the world is now underway but there are some big names noticeably absent and some new contenders that might have a shot at the title. Read more.


UK politics has been a hot topic in recent weeks with calls for resignations and in-party clashes. On Tuesday Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer and potential successor as Tory leader abruptly ended an interview on Tuesday when pressed on whether he gave his full support to the Prime Minister:


Whilst the pandemic’s impact on world health has been heavily documented and the political journey regularly reported on, much of the economic effect is continuing to be discovered and data is now coming to light showing who made financial gains over the past two years. Wealth of world’s 10 richest men doubled in pandemic and a new billionaire has been created almost every day over the period according to latest data. Read more.


With London currently experiencing ‘cold-snap’ those who live in the capital might be exploring the best hangouts to take refuge from the freezing temperatures. Tatler has highlighted the most luxurious private members’ clubs in the capital to help you find the perfect spot. The 18 most glamorous private members’ clubs in London to join now: Forget the faded clubs of yesteryear, these are the places to see and be seen. Read more.

“To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.”

Limiting your money-earning ability to the eight hours or so of the average working day is highly unlikely to unlock financial freedom. Property investment is one of the most effective ways to make money ‘hands-off’.

UK Property

New data from the government has shown that average home prices rose 10% annually in November – 2021 was an astonishing year for the property market and 2022 is continuing with the same theme. UK property market sees ‘busiest ever’ start to a new year – with record number of people wanting to move homes: Strong demand to move and a low supply of homes has sent the 2022 housing market into a frenzy. Read more.

To help investors navigate the market, we’ve shared a round-up to highlight the key factors that will have an impact on UK property moving forward. Outlook for 2022: UK property market In our latest update we consider what is ahead for the UK property market in the coming months. Read more.

Dubai Property

Dubai real estate is experiencing a boom, headlines have talked about V-shaped recovery and new transaction records are being set. Property sector upward trend to continue in 2022: The outlook for the Dubai property sector is more promising this year as there is a strong interest from key markets across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, said Khalifa Al Suwaidi, CEO and board member, Emirates Real Estate Solutions, Dubai Land Department. Read more.

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