Friday News #0137 – UK House Prices Return To Double-Digit Growth

Rental inflation is running at a 13-year high – the demand for property to rent is far greater than the supply to the market, pushing prices higher and in turn, increasing the rental yields returned to landlords.

This strength in the UK rental market coupled with the robust price growth seen across the country due to the limited supply of housing stock, low mortgage rates and a strong labour market, make for an enticing combination for investors. 

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Here’s what we’ve seen in the news this week:

UK House Prices Return To Double-Digit Growth: House prices in the UK continued their upwards climb in November, reaching double-digit growth again as demand remained strong after the end of the stamp duty holiday and the furlough job support scheme. Read more. 

Average UK House Prices Up More Than £20,000 In A Year: Average UK house prices have reached a new high of £272,992, up by more than £20,000 compared to the same period last year, according to the latest Halifax house price index. Read more.

How the housing market will change in 2022: With the pandemic rolling on in many guises, the Brexit transition hitting turbulence, and the run-up to COP26 influencing housing policy, 2021 has been full of hurdles for the industry. However, the sector has overcome these and has also been “turbocharged” by the Stamp Duty holiday. With this as the backdrop, it looks set to harness pent-up demand and grow more consistently next year. Read more. 

Average UK property values predicted to increase by 3-5% during 2022: Average house prices are expected to increase by 3% in 2022, with this figure rising to 5% in higher value country markets, according to the latest forecast and market analysis. Read more.  

Return On Investment – How Does Dubai Compare Against Other Major Global Cities? We’ve ranked some of the most famous cities in the world for their rental yield and overall potential compared with Dubai, to help shine a light on what Dubai offers for investors. Read more.

How To Get An Investor Visa In The UAE: In our blog we share an overview of how to get an investor visa in the UAE, along with some of the best visa options to consider. Read more.