Expats Guide to Investing in the UK

Expat Guide to investing in UK Property

Thirlmere Deacons Expat UK investment guide for 2020 breaks down the key investment area’s why you should be focusing on the UK in 2020.

The uncertainty that has been present in the UK in recent years has now been squashed with a majority conservative government in office. Despite Brexit this political certainty has stimulated the UK property market and looks set to continue to have a positive impact, despite Brexit.

For investors it is also favourable that British housebuilding is currently at a historic low with many housing markets undersupplied pushing both prices and rental figures upwards. This trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Expats Guide to UK Property Investment

What should be looking at in the UK market if you are an Expat?

Download Thirlmere Deacons Expat investment Guide today and find out why you should be investing in the UK.

What You Will Learn

  • Why choose UK property?
  • UK tenant market
  • UK property laws and legal system
  • Owning and financing your investment

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