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Is off plan still an attractive investment?

Across the world, the new build property markets are very different and investors will often wonder if off plan is still an attractive investment? The answer is yes – off plan is still a very attractive investment prospect and here’s why. Overall, the United Kingdom enjoys a prosperous property market, one that is resilient and has weathered many a storm economically and...

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Why Getting In Early Reaps Large Rewards For Investors

Our Senior Portfolio Manager, Francis Ribeiro talks you through his process in identifying key area's to help you invest early and reap the benefits. Royal Arsenal and Manchester Regent Plaza Finding a development in advance of the wider investor audience can reap large rewards for investors, a location that is yet to reach its full potential but with all the foundations in place to send capital...

Questions to ask when buying off the plan property investments

Key Questions to ask When Buying Off-Plan Property

How to spot opportunities in the UK Understanding the changes in the marketplace is an essential component to making a good decision when investing in property in England. In many areas of the UK, it is now considered a ‘seller’s market’, which to put it simply means the amount of buyer’s exceeds the amount of the supply in available properties, therefore seller’s are able to command higher...

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Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Manchester

Thinking About Investing in Manchester Property? CONTENTS Why Manchester? Why Not London? Manchester…The Opportunity Manchester Regeneration Hub For Business The Place To Live The People Get In Touch Latest Opportunities Property remains one of the safest areas for investors to invest in. For generations, it has been the only asset class to consistently perform, and due to...

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Investing in Off Plan Property

Off Plan Property Key Information More Savings Equal Higher Returns What are the best locations Getting an Off Plan Property Mortgage Get In Touch Our Latest Investment Opportunities   Investing in a property before it’s been built, known as off-plan, has become more attractive to investors throughout the UK and overseas. It’s seen as a way to purchase a property at a...

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