Brexit – What’s Occuring? will it effect UK property in 2020?

Brexit – What’s occurring? ‘What a palaver’…are the words being used by some when talking about the UK’s departure from the EU. In recent weeks, the UK government has had a complete overhaul with a new Prime Minister in the form of Boris Johnson, former home secretary Sajid Javid being instilled as the new Chancellor, […]

Key Questions to ask When Buying Off-Plan Property

How to spot opportunities in the UK Understanding the changes in the marketplace is an essential component to making a good decision when investing in property in England. In many areas of the UK, it is now considered a ‘seller’s market’, which to put it simply means the amount of buyer’s exceeds the amount of […]

How Much Should You Make on a Rental Property

How Much Should You Make on a Rental Property The primary goal of investing is to make money, so there must be some profit earning potential when you decide to invest in real estate property other than your home. There are two ways to earn from a real estate investment: use it as a rental […]

Why Invest in the Hull Property Market

Hull is being re-energised by a flood of new investment and this is creating new jobs, particularly in the fields demanding high skills, such as renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, healthcare and the digital industries. The city’s rise in fortunes are the results of several converging factors. One is the successful reinvention of the dock area […]

Cash Buyer vs Mortgage Buyer – Who Gets The Better ROI?

Are you wondering, “Should I buy an investment property outright or take out a mortgage on it? Which will give me the best income on my investment?” That is absolutely the most important question when you are getting into the real estate investment market. We’re going to break down the difference between a cash purchase […]

Investing in Nottingham

While everyone else is flocking to invest in the more obvious cities like Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool (which are still very strong areas for property investment), a few savvy investors are keeping ahead of the curve by investing into other up and coming cities in the UK. Top of that list is Nottingham, which according […]