Meet the investor: Patience Chinwada

Construction investment

The client comes first. Many businesses claim to follow this mantra but all too often their actions don’t quite live up to expectations. Thirlmere Deacon is passionate about assisting investors, sharing their knowledge and ensuring they make considered purchases when building a portfolio and a financially rewarding business. Our clients hail from all backgrounds; some […]

This is Property Investment – Wolverhampton Case Study


Here we explore a real property investment and take a closer look at the Wolverhampton case study, for those who want to understand the process and outcome better. Investors new to Thirlmere Deacon might wonder how the entire process of investing in property with our guidance works. Taking a consultative approach enables us to carefully […]

Step carefully when investing

Man climbing steps

Property investment can be very financially rewarding but those who seek success are sensible to step carefully when investing. It is not simply the case that an investor can buy any type of property in any location and see a positive return on their investment. In this article, previously shared in Sports World Magazine, we […]

Tax-efficient property investment: Landlord loopholes and potential savings

Tax efficient property investment

Does tax-efficient property investment exist? In short, yes. Investors have several options to consider including landlord loopholes and potential savings to be made, that continue to make property an attractive prospect. It’s fair to say that property as an asset is highly regarded by investors. After all, property is a tangible asset, there’s a high […]

What Is A Good Rental Yield In 2022?

Rental yield

If you’re considering investing in buy-to-let property it’s highly likely you’re looking for guidance as to what is a good rental yield in 2022? As Steve Jobs once famously said, “If you look really closely, most ‘overnight’ successes took a long time.” Here at Thirlmere Deacon, we are keen to follow that sentiment, since we […]

Taking a closer look at the Manchester economy

Manchester economy

The economy of Manchester is one of the largest in the country, bigger than that of Wales or Northern Ireland, so what drives this northern powerhouse? Here we take a closer look at the Manchester economy. The United Kingdom is arguably one of the most diverse and exciting locations for property investors since there are […]

Q2 Dubai Market Report 2022


In this article, we review the local property market and analyse the key stats in this Q2 Dubai Market Report and share the outlook for the months ahead. While there are many aspects that as a property investor you may weigh up when looking to purchase in a particular location, how the market is performing […]

Taking a closer look at the Dubai economy

Dubai Economy

When you’re investing in property, understanding what is driving the property market is of utmost importance to be certain that you’re investing in property supported by strong foundations for growth and longevity, for this reason, we’re taking a closer look at the Dubai economy. As the jewel of the Middle East, Dubai is a city […]

Q2 UK Market Report 2022

London aerial

Thinking of investing in property in 2022? Read our Q2 UK Market Report to learn more about the current trends and the outlook for the coming months. The UK property market is in a period of transition, whilst the demand for property to buy or rent remains sky-high, there is an air of caution creeping […]

UK Rental Property Shortage Explained 

Rental apartment UK

The UK rental property shortage is currently very evident, in this blog we explore why there is such a notable lack of property available for rent across the country and what it means for investors. Anyone who enjoys a good property search online will have noticed a growing trend, in that at present, there are […]