Q2 Dubai Market Report 2022


In this article, we review the local property market and analyse the key stats in this Q2 Dubai Market Report and share the outlook for the months ahead. While there are many aspects that as a property investor you may weigh up when looking to purchase in a particular location, how the market is performing […]

Taking a closer look at the Dubai economy

Dubai Economy

When you’re investing in property, understanding what is driving the property market is of utmost importance to be certain that you’re investing in property supported by strong foundations for growth and longevity, for this reason, we’re taking a closer look at the Dubai economy. As the jewel of the Middle East, Dubai is a city […]

Q2 UK Market Report 2022

London aerial

Thinking of investing in property in 2022? Read our Q2 UK Market Report to learn more about the current trends and the outlook for the coming months. The UK property market is in a period of transition, whilst the demand for property to buy or rent remains sky-high, there is an air of caution creeping […]

UK Rental Property Shortage Explained 

Rental apartment UK

The UK rental property shortage is currently very evident, in this blog we explore why there is such a notable lack of property available for rent across the country and what it means for investors. Anyone who enjoys a good property search online will have noticed a growing trend, in that at present, there are […]

How Interest Rates affect mortgages

Whenever you are considering investing in a particular asset, or even when looking to manage your existing financial commitments, interest rates remain an important aspect to factor in. Reflecting the ebb and flow of the economy in general, interest rates dictate how much we pay for the everyday essentials as well as more considered purchases […]

Investing in the Liverpool property market: What to expect

The North West has seen truly stellar increases in property prices in recent times leading many to consider investing in the Liverpool property market, it’s worth taking a closer look at the possible returns on investment and what to expect from this lively city.  Since 2019 property prices in Liverpool have risen by an incredible […]

Investing in the Manchester Property Market: What to Expect

With constant commentary from property professionals and news headlines sometimes offering differing statistics, those thinking of investing in the Manchester property market might be wondering what to expect in terms of a potential return on investment.  Anyone considering investing in property in the UK will likely have Manchester on their radar – and for good […]

Is It Worth Buying A Property In Dubai?

Dubai Zoo and Seaworld

There’s no doubt that investing in property is a smart move, especially as property is a valuable commodity and is backed by extremely promising data relating to future price rises, not to mention recent price rises which existing investors have already enjoyed. However, all investors must consider the location of any property they wish to […]

Why are Europeans moving to the UAE?

With the number of ex-pats seeking homes in Dubai rising investors might be wondering why are Europeans moving to the UAE?  Disillusioned by the work-life balance on offer in their home country, or perhaps a country where they reside currently, individuals and families are seeking a greater quality of life.  Dubai offers a luxury lifestyle […]

Pension vs Property: Which Is The Best Investment?

Pensions Vs Property – A Brief Overview What you need to know about retirement How much do you need for retirement in the UK What you need to know about the UK property market How much do you need to invest in property Pension – Pros and Cons Property – Pros and Cons FAQ’S When […]